Glasgow twenty-something.
Move along ma chère, you make the place look crowded.

I have been thinking a lot today about free time, and what it means.

Free time divides me into different versions of myself, who all have different ideas on the way that my free time should be spent. For example - today I’ve been reading about coding, and games development, including the story of how Half Life was developed, particularly in teams of ‘Cabal’ (notable due to TR AOD reference!)

I’ve been on the verge of ‘no work’ to do today. And I wanted to do the following:

1. Learn how to code, or begin to learn, and find out the best way to go about this. I contacted my manager who gave me links, support - and reference points. I agreed with myself that I’d test Jess’ laptop to see it would download and run the required software before buying my own.

2. Look into Battlestar tattoos, specifically Kara Thrace ones. It’s become obvious I identify with these badass ladies from fiction. Which lead to the following:

* Is a KT tattoo the way to go, will I regret it?
*Why do I identify with fiction characters way cooler than me?
* How can I be more like them without going the cosplay route?

3. Can I and will I ever take self defense classes? I’ve proved I can kick gym butt. And I can feel better about identifying as strong lead if I am one? Is this a cover for something else?

No. I’ve literally always wanted to dominate in ‘male’ industries. I’ve always felt strongest in a pack of men. I’ve always identified strongly with men, while firmly being a woman. I want to be a badass lady in a mans world. And prove that it isn’t just a mans world.

Which leads me to:

4. RELAXATION. I do a lot of it, especially nowadays with Jess. We power watch TV programs and eat and laugh and generally have a good time. There are moments when I feel I’ve never been happier than with her, right then in our space. The only thing we battle is the clock before inevitability one of us has to sleep.

Needless to say, this takes up a lot of my time.

Could my time be ‘better spent’? Is being passive bad for me?

If I’m happy, does it matter?

Yes, and No. At the end of the day, or even - at the end of my life - all that matters is that I was happy.

But I have hundreds of badassery inside and Gods forbit I don’t let it out.

So, with all this in my head - my free time never really feels free. I’m bound to this feeling that I could be achieving, earning, creating - always creating.

I stick by the belief that my nightmares are not senseless.

I either need to use them creatively, or be creating in order to silence them.

Aaaaaaaaand talk over. Welcome to my head.

Basically my thoughts on the end of Battlestar

Basically my thoughts on the end of Battlestar

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I miss you. I miss not touching each other. Not seeing each other, not breathing in each other. I want you. All the time. No one else.


i’ve never reblogged a more perfect photoset

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It’s incredibly difficult to figure out how I feel at any one time right now. Being 24 so far had been this weird ride of strange and sad feelings.

On top of everything, admittedly I have a pretty big weed habit at the moment. I do almost everything stoned except work, and every success and every failure merits a joint. I’ve become so comfortable with stoned Fran that real life becomes a little more frustrating.

But I’m not worried. As far as habits go, mine don’t tend to last long. I’m looking at it as a phase, that one day I’ll look back on like ‘remember when I was stoned everyday?’

I’ll, I’ll follow -
I’ll follow you,
deep sea baby,
I’ll follow you


i haven’t laughed at anything on my dashboard in so long and then i scrolled down to this and just started cackling for 5 minutes straight


i haven’t laughed at anything on my dashboard in so long and then i scrolled down to this and just started cackling for 5 minutes straight

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Watch "LittleBay | Wolf Sirens" on YouTube   

LittleBay | Wolf Sirens:


Gaming Goshi.

Emma Watson Fights For Gender Equality With Powerful UN Speech
Emma Watson formally invited men to join the fight for gender equality in a moving speech on Sept. 21, launching the HeForShe campaign.
To watch her full speech go here. 


How the results of the Scottish Independence Referendum should have been announced.


Media portrayal of votes vs actual votes


Media portrayal of votes vs actual votes

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Tonight I downloaded this app, it’s called Food bank. It basically shows food banks in your area or any area you search for and what stock they are low in. Let’s be the change we so desperately wanted to see, it’s not much the now but a few tins every time you’re around a food bank will probably cost you £4 and ensure someone, old or young, does not go hungry.

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You guys might have seen some photos being reblogged of some food donations being place outside the memorial in George Square yesterday.

A group of Yes voters gathered to listen to a man and his son talk about how they have been running their foodbank here in Glasgow for a few years now.

People started to head to the Sainbury’s across the road to buy dry food, tins of food, breakfast cereals, juice, water, and anything else that the foodbank could take. They carried it back across to George Square for the guys to take back with them.

This is what our city is. I’m so angry that those Loyalist scum started riots, attacked people, burned our flags. But I’m so proud of these people for making Glasgow a better place.

This is a link to their Facebook page. If you can, please donate.

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